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    Chip Gagne Chip Gagne is a software engineer whose main hobbies included reading and writing (and Lego, but that is a different story). Born on the hottest day of the year, Chip was guided to reading at an early age. Some of his favorite memories include weekly trips to a used book store where he inevetibly would find a new science fiction, horror, or fantasy novel to read.

    Over the years, Chip wrote several short stories and even an attempt at a script or two, but never attempted to do anything with them once they were written. But he always had the drive and desire to create.

    After discovering a real enjoyment for fantasy and anything with dragons, he decided to try and persuade his mother, Pat, to write a fantasy novel. He had several ideas and suggestions for one, but it was only after he agreed to write the book with her that she agreed. The result is the Magic's Return series.

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    Pat Gagne From the time she first read 'See Spot Run", Pat Gagne has felt an enduring love for books. She'd read anything and everything, haunting her local library as a child. In grade school she wrote plays, then coerced the neighborhood children to act in them. In high school she wrote her first full length murder mystery in longhand using pencils and ink and lined sheets of paper. Typewriters and carbon paper were the bane of her existence when she attempted to tackle revisions, so she let writing take a backseat in favor of marriage and eventually children. She continued to dabble, but never took her writing seriously. Then a health issue left her between jobs and her sister asked her to write a romance novel. Accepting the challenge, she wrote her first romantic suspense story in a week. While it will never see print, some of the story still makes her smile and she was once again hooked on writing.

    As Dani Sinclair, Pat wrote for Harlequin Intrigue and has had twenty-seven romantic suspense titles in print all over the world. Two of her books were even RWA RITA finalists for the year's best romantic suspense and mystery story. Her oldest son, Chip kept asking her to write him a fantasy novel, but it wasn't until she retired from Harlequin in 2005 and he came to her with a story idea that stirred her imagination that she finally agreed. The deal was, this was his story to tell, therefore he had to help write it. It quickly became obvious that they needed more than one book to tell his story and a series was born. The challenge proved to be enormous fun. The result is Magic's Return.